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Dr. Kristen Albert, aka Kris, is an executive leadership coach who works with motivated, passionate, and driven women leaders to become highly effective leaders.

Because of Kris's experience and credentials in education (she earned her doctoral degree from the University of Delaware), she brings a unique and powerful perspective to leadership development.  You've heard the quote, "Leaders are born, not made?"  The truth is, a leader may be born with a natural inclination and intuitive ability to lead, but exceptional leaders are made.  They become exceptional leaders through learning, reflection, and application -- a process that is intentional and creates exponential results.  An exceptional leader knows what works, why it works, and is intentional about the leadership choices they make. Leaders might be born, but exceptional leaders are made.  And Kris is a master at coaching her clients to enjoy success at the highest levels of leadership. 

Kris knows, conclusively, the leadership characteristics that are positively correlated with leadership effectiveness and can help leaders to evolve their conscious practice of leadership. Many of her clients are looking to identify their leadership strengths along with the tendencies that hold them back so they can strategically focus and accelerate their leadership effectiveness.  

Kris is a proven leader. In fact, in 2021 Kristen was rated in the 99th Percentile in the two categories most highly correlated to leadership effectiveness according to the research of Bill Adams and Bob Anderson, and between the 80th and 99th percentiles in all of the other qualities positively correlated to leadership effectiveness. (Those ratings are derived from a comparison of my results against more than a quarter of a million global leaders.) 

Kris holds a diploma and certification in coaching from the Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado, and has earned certification to administer and interpret the Leadership Circle Profile. She is also a practitioner of Positive Intelligence (PQ)

In addition to her Ed.D. in educational leadership from the University of Delaware,  Kris also earned her master's degree in counseling from Shippensburg University of PA.

Outside of the passion of coaching, Kris is also passionate about issues related to justice and equity. She loves to read and often has three or more books going at any given time. She enjoys bike-riding on the beautiful rail-trails in southeastern PA and can be found putting around on the golf course a couple of times a week in the summer months. She lives with her partner, husband, and love of her life Doug, and with her ornery rescue cat, Watson. None of us is perfect. We just need a little love and compassion. 

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Your Coach 

Dr. Kristen Albert, is a successful coach, business owner, public speaker and writer. She holds an Ed.D. from the University of Delaware and is a graduate of the Newfield Network, Boulder,CO, and has coached hundreds of clients since launching her business, Turning Points, LLC in 2012.

Her experience as an educator, coach, and leader allows her to bring a uniquely wise and highly effective approach to every interaction. 

Kris lives her life with intention.  She fights for social and racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion for all, and believes that each person is uniquely gifted to fulfill a meaningful purpose in their lifetime. 

Kris's coaching clients have realized gains in all areas of their personal and business worlds including leadership, accountability, focus, communication skills, self-development and leadership effectiveness.